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Petrichor Candles For That Rain-Soaked Scent

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The fragrance known as Petrichor has long been lauded, with perfumers attempting to capture the clean earthy warmth that fresh rain showers deliver. Here are some of our favourite rain scented candles for those who love a downpour.

Is there anything better than the fresh fragrance of raindrops hitting dry ground? The clean earthy scent known as Petrichor is created when raindrops disturb the soil, releasing a molecule called geosmin into the air. It turns out that humans are particularly sensitive to this scent, with it connecting us to a primal understanding of the natural landscape that lives somewhere deep within.

We’ve rounded up our favorite rain-scented candles, each with a slightly different take on the Petrichor fragrance. From thunderstorms on hot city concrete, to warm summer rains falling across coastal promenades, each candle delivers a burst of freshness that will transport your senses.

Pluviophile Rain Scented Candle By Haeckels The Pluviophile Rain Scented Candle by Haeckels features the distinctive scent of first rain after a long warm dry spell. It’s the perfect candle for those who delight in drizzle and dance through summer showers. The fragrance has been distilled from crushed seashells, rainwater, earth, seawater, concrete particles and fused with Geosmin.

Big Sur After Rain Candle By D.S. & DURGA The Big Sur After Rain Candle by D.S. & DURGA takes us on a road trip along the epic Californian coastline. Its fragrance is fresh and full-bodied, green and woody, with notes inspired by the bright scent of eucalyptus groves and rainwater.

Mojave Rain Candle By The Nomad Society The Mojave Rain Candle by The Nomad Society is a delicate scent with soul, inspired by desert wanderers. This scented candle features top citrus notes of bergamot balanced with floral jasmine blossom and aqueous fresh rainfall. The base is rounded out with warm amber.

St. John’s Wood Candle By Tatine The St. John’s Wood Votive Candle by Tatine is a quintessential fall evening candle, blended with smoky vetiver and cedarwood, notes of rain-soaked concrete, and autumn leaves. Imagine October’s leaves collapsed underfoot, their colors made more brilliant on the concrete by the falling rain. Smoke quietly rising from the chimneys speak of the cosiness inside the vine-walled cottages.


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